Mr. and Mrs. Udell: The Udells lived at 3284 Glenwood, which in fact is a home that sits on the corner of Glenwood and Highland. Mrs. Udell “Waneta Udell” saw the victim being shot at and chased out of the 3300 Alley on to the 700 Block of Highland Street. Mrs. Waneta Udell was standing on her back porch about 30 yards away, and she had a direct line of sight to the crime. Mr. Paul Udell called 911 and Mrs. Waneta Udell was relaying to him, in real live time as the crime/shooting was happening, taking place. Details that he was telling the 911 operator as the shooting is going on.

Mrs. Waneta Udell saw the victim being chased by a “tall man” who was shooting at him. She saw the victim fall and the “tall man” stand over him and shoot him. Please note: the Udells lived in the neighborhood a long time, and know me fairly well, they knew me by sight. The Udells statements to the police should have been enough to clear/exonerate me. Mrs. Udell said she saw the “tall shooter” run into the 3300 Alley heading north after he shot the victim on the ground.

Lavetta Fisher; Remember, Mrs. Waneta Udell saw the “tall suspect” run north into the 3300 Alley after shooting the victim. This escape route taken by the “tall suspect” brought him into direct contact with Lavetta Fisher. As they passed each other in the 3300 Alley seconds after the shots were fired. Levetta Fisher lived at 3329 N. Detroit Apt. 3. They alley behind her apartment is in fact the 3300 Alley. Lavetta Fisher said she came face to face with a tall man in the 3300 Alley, she said he was wearing a hoody and it was not Montrel Wilson. Lavetta gave written statements to the police on the night of the shooting at the scene and the next day at her house. She also gave a 3-hour long videotaped police interview that was not disclosed/given to the defense. The prosecutor did not call her at my trial, because she would not lie for them. We “the defense” we tried to server her to appear at trial, but I was told they could not find her, at several different trial dates.

You see, when the police went around saying we got the murder weapon out of Wilson’s house, that took the incentive away from people in the neighborhood to step forward with the relevant information to help me. Vicious lies were being told by detectives to keep the other 6 credible witnesses silent and unknown if possible. These witnesses (6) were never suspects and had no reason to lie about who and what they saw and heard, in the order they saw and heard it. There were 9 original witnesses outside near the scene when the shooting happened, 3 turned suspect, then state witnesses to avoid being charged.

Tajuana and Tameka Grant: As mentioned already, Tajuana Grant gave a statement to the police on the night of the crime. She stated that between 11:00 and 11:30pm she was standing in front of her house, heard 3 or 4 gunshots, and when she looked west up Highland Street towards the 700 Block, she saw a tall man and saw the victim on the ground. Her police statement is posted and available. Tameka and Tajuana Grant were interviewed at their residence by the lead detective at 630 Highland Street. I’m waiting to obtain these statements now.

Just prior to the start of my trial, an investigator, a private investigator for the defense, contacted Tameka Grant. She explained to him in great detail in a taped, recorded interview, that on the night of the shooting she had just parked her car roughly in front of 626 Highland, and she was walking towards her house and saw her sister Tajuana standing in front of their house at 630 Highland. Tameka said as she was approaching her house, she heard the gunshots, just seconds after the gunshots both Tameka and Tajuana Grant said I rushed out of my house. Remember, to catch Carla Johnson’s car. That was when Tajuana Grant yelled stop Montrel, don’t go down there, it’s not safe, look someone is laying on the ground.

Note: I have a written statement(s) and there are recorded interview tapes. What is insane is that the Grant sisters were not called at my trial by either side to testify. I know why their testimony would have changed the outcome of my trial and exposed the highest level of prosecutor misconduct and corruption.

Christopher Anderson: Was another eyewitness that gave a statement to the detectives on the night of the shooting. He used his brother’s name when he gave his statement to the detectives which was Frankie Rayford, to avoid being locked up for the warrants he had. Christopher Anderson’s statement says he was coming from a cousins 3100 Glenwood, through the alley and heard four shots. He saw the victim laying on the ground. I have his police statement, but most of his police statement is completely blacked out. “Redacted” in fact, all witnesses’ statements had substantial areas blacked out by the detectives. Christopher Anderson did tell my former trial attorney that I was not the shooter or in the alley at the time of the shooting. My trial attorney told me this 3 days before my trial date after he visited Christopher Anderson at LCCC the county jail. I must now explain the next three so called witnesses. In reality they are a triumvirate of liars. For a short period, they were truthful witnesses, then suspects, then almost magically they became the state’s case against me after I was arrested. The three liars are Carla Johnson, Jean Dyer, AKA Merria Holton and Christopher Tucker.

Carla Johnson and Jean Dyer: These ladies were together in Carla Johnson’s car as the shooting occurred on the night of April 16th, 1998. Remember, they were the people I saw drive by my house through the thin curtains and I had the thought to run outside to catch them at the stop sign. They were driving west on Highland and were approaching the stop sign at Highland and Detroit the 600 Block, when they heard the shots as they sat at the stop sign. Carla Johnson saw the victim being shot at. Jean Dyer was bent down in the car fixing/tying her shoe as the shots were fired but lied in court on statements and videotaped interviews and court hearings. Carla Johnson testified to this crucial fact, transcripts available. Remember, both ladies looked back and saw Rose’s daughters and a male gentleman standing in front of their house. Tameka and Tajuana Grant are Rose’s daughters, the male gentleman was Montrel Wilson, standing on the sidewalk with Tameka and Tajuana Grant in front of their house as both ladies crossed Detroit and witnessed the tall suspect standing over the victim’s body, which was not Montrel Wilson.

Note: Jean Dyer’s home phone number was on the victim’s pager showing she paged the victim minutes before he was shot. Jean Dyer and Carla Johnson had just let the pay phone according to Jean Dyer. Jean Dyer and Carla Johnson admitted they were trying to buy crack cocaine at the time but not from the victim. Yeah right! The victim had 8 or 9 pieces of crack cocaine packaged for sell on him when he was shot. That is how these 2 liars became #1 suspects, Jean Dyer lied as usual and said she did not know the victim’s pager number, the victim’s brother and half-brother and other people confirmed Jean Dyer did have the victim’s pager number and paged him to by crack.

The first statement these two ladies gave to the police, states the shooter was a tall man. Their second statement given to the detectives, states the shooter was a tall man. They never claimed to have seen me at the shooting when it was going on, They told the police it was not Montrel Wilson, at this point these two ladies Carla Johnson and Jean Dyer are still witnesses, two of the nine original witnesses.

Please note the first and second statements these two ladies gave to the detectives were in line with the other seven witnesses statements. To wit, the killer/shooter was a tall man, and it was not Montrel Wilson. These two ladies were suspects before my arrest, after my arrest the detective pressured these two ladies who were very close to being charged, and they gave the police what they wanted, by changing their third statement and saying Montrel Wilson was the shooter.

Christopher Tucker: As for this guy, at the time of the shooting he was on the pay phone outside the store on the corner of Highland and Detroit. If you look at the map you will see he almost would have been in the beam of the headlights of the car driven by Carla Johnson and Jean Dyer, as they sat at the stop sign. As with the case of Carla Johnson and Jean Dyer, the first two statements given by Christopher Tucker were accurate and matched up with the other eight witnesses’ statements. That the shooter was a tall man and not Montrel Wilson. Just as with Carla and Jean, in his third statement given after my arrest that implicates me.

One thing to remember about this humanitarian, while he is on the pay phone, he sees a man get shot right in front of him. So, what does he do? Does he hang up with whomever he is talking to and then call 911 to get help for this man that has been shot? No, he does not, what he does is ends the conversation with the person he has been talking to, then takes a few seconds to wipe his fingerprints off the pay phone, go stand over and look at the victim on the ground after the tall shooter fled the scene through the 3300 Alley, then Christopher Tucker runs away.

He instantly became a suspect and admitted this fact. Then he ran and left the state of Ohio while on probation/parole for aggravated drug trafficking, with a new aggravated assault charge and warrant pending. That is three serious violations, he was found by the U.S. marshals, brought back to Toledo Ohio, had a meeting with his probation officer and the prosecutor and a deal was made. He became a state witness and gave a videotaped deposition testimony and was not violated or sent to jail or prison and was allowed to leave the state of Ohio, after the deal was done with the prosecutor. He lied and said he did not get a deal; I know for a fact that he got a deal to lie.

A review of the record would clearly show you that it’s only the credibility of the triumvirate of liars which places me at the scene with a gun in my hand and that is what got me wrongfully convicted. The fact that the other 7 witnesses’ statements, 911 tapes, videotaped police interviews, audio tapes of witnesses saying Montrel Wilson was not the shooter was never disclosed. It was well hidden by the prosecution; legal term is called withholding exculpatory evidence. They also withheld transcripts and other evidence that proves my innocence and clearly exonerates me.

None of the 7 witnesses were called to trial or any pretrial hearings, none of these 7 witnesses were ever suspects and had no reason to lie on me. Unlike the 3 state witnesses who were number one suspects from the start. I have no room to highlight the various lies, conflicting statements and perjury testimony made by the 3 liars. “State Witnesses” under oath, at the very least look to the brief of appellant in the Sixth District Court of Appeals, Lucas County Ohio Case No. CL 99-1125. I have a copy posted and or available to be reviewed.

You don’t know me, so you’ll have to take my word, that I am not an idiot. Because for me to think I could shoot someone less than 250 feet from my house, on a spring night, with a lot of neighborhood people around (witnesses that is), who know me by sight and expect nobody to see me do it. It just doesn’t add up. I am an innocent man and still need help!

The prosecutor got his win, but justice was not served. Look at how I got railroaded, the prosecution withheld all the crucial evidence that proves Montrel Wilson is 100% innocent, and presented fabricated evidence, suborned perjury, used false and misleading ballistic and forensic testing methods to get results. Gave deals to all 3 state witnesses, and paid Jean Dyer the crime stopper reward money, and has encouraged conflicting, contradicting presentation of false testimony, evidence of of the facts of my case for over 22 years, and has gotten away with it. But the truth is out and will be proven, I can’t go deeper due to the ongoing investigation.

I invite anyone interested and any questions. I have contact info of people in the legal field, private investigators, lawyers(s), innocent organizations and the other hidden key pieces of evidence from the other 7 witnesses, who were never suspects and 2 of them were actual 911 callers to the police. The prosecution fooled everyone into believing only the 3 state witnesses were around and outside at the time of the shooting. Which is not true and got me wrongfully convicted, a one-sided story. Wow!