Free Montrel Wilson Campaign

Hey! Do you want to join this campaign and be a part of this Free Montrel Campaign Movement? Let me know and become a freedom fighter, supporter, advocate and one of those against injustice, corrupted vicious, unfair Judicial System.

You could easily be next, a family member, a friend or someone you know getting locked up on bogus charges, or even worse; wrongfully convicted.

There is an attack on innocent black men of all ages being wrongfully convicted at very alarming rates. From 5 to 30 plus years before they are exonerated or released for a crime they did not commit.

I am one of the individuals wrongfully convicted because of their malicious tactics and the prosecutions miscarriage of justice and misconduct tactics. Some of their main courses of actions are: intentionally withholding and hiding exculpatory evidence that clearly proves a man’s innocence.

When you consider all the facts discussed herein, the corrupted judicial system has become the new normal. Silent, malicious prosecutors’ misconduct has become the new standard everywhere in a criminal prosecution.

It is not that he shall win a case, but that justice shall prevail. The two-fold focus of which is: that the guilty shall not escape nor shall the innocent suffer.

I got flat out maliciously and purposely railroaded because of this new standard of corrupt justice.

Although prosecutors may strike hard blows, they are not at liberty to strike foul blows, “Yeah Right”!!! Their prospective is to get a conviction at any and all cost and let the truth fall where it may. Prosecutors set their own rules without any form of transparency until their malicious corruption and misconduct has been exposed. Only then will they attempt to rectify their unethical mishaps by cooperating with higher authorities. Even then they will keep the corruption going until they are compelled to obey the law.

Winning is the driving force and motivation for prosecutors. Truth and justice take a back seat to job promotions, bonuses, political and personal gain to become elite officers of the judicial system.

Read my authentic legal documents, more will be posted soon. Also, look at and listen to the three videotaped deposition court hearing DVDs and audio interview CD, from my private investigator of an eyewitness who was close to the scene, heard the shots fired, and walked past the Tall suspect that was walking fast with a black hooded sweatshirt on seconds after hearing the shots. This crucial information was hidden from myself and my attorneys, no need to wonder why. Keep this in mind, this eyewitness told the police and detectives that Montrel Wilson was not the tall man in the alley who walked very fast past me seconds after the shots were fired!

In conclusion of this segment of the Free Montrel movement, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The truth is out, so tell me what you think after you read and listen to and view some of the newly discovered evidence that I have disclosed. The best is yet to come, I am coming home.

For those who are interested and or just want to contact me, I can be reached at:

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Cell Number: 540-407-8831

You can also go to or call 1-800-574-5729 to set up a free account, email address required. My ID number is A372855 Montrel Wilson, I am in Ohio ODRC at NEOCC. Download the jPay app., then we can exchange/send each other emails, photos, video grams and have video visits/video conferences.

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