On April 16th, 1998, Derrick Turner was walking north on Glenwood, between 11:00pm and 11:30pm, according to witnesses he then turned right onto Highland Street and at the end of the 700 Block he turned into the alley the 3300 alley. Shortly after entering the alley a tall suspect started shooting at him and chased him out of the alley and back onto Highland Street. Derrick Turner fell to the ground and the tall suspect was seen standing over him and shooting him. Derrick Turner (hereinafter is identified as the victim), was only 19 years old when his life was taken. The victim was killed near the carry out on Highland and Detroit in Toledo Ohio on April 16th, 1998 between 11:00pm and 11:30pm. The victim was less than a block from home his half-brothers house.

I was arrested on April 25th, 1998. My Granny died in 1998 and my Mother died in 1998, while fighting this case. My Grandfather died in 2004, my oldest Brother died in 2005, killed by a car, a hit and run victim while fighting this case. I have lost so much. I am a very angry man. The anger is at times overpowering, the anger is also an ally. It motivates me to forge ahead and to keep fighting. I did not shoot Mr. Turner to death; I did not commit this murder. I had nothing to do with it. I do not deserve to be destroyed in this manner. I am an American citizen; I am the Grandson of a 26-year Air Force Veteran who served in the Vietnam War and his county the U.S.A.

As stated, the victim was killed on the 700 Block of Highland Street, I lived on the 600 Block of Highland Street. On the night of the murder, shortly before the shooting, I returned home to 632 Highland from a friend’s house. As I was about to walk into the door, I saw my next-door neighbor Tajuana Grant, standing in front of her house at 630 Highland Street. We talked for a few minutes, I then called Carla Johnson who was not home, from Tajuana’s phone. Phone records do not lie. Then I went inside my house, as soon as I entered the house I was careful to let my Niece know that it had been me that had just been standing in front of the house talking, because she was worried about the wrong people hanging out by her house. Now I go back outside for a couple minutes, then I went back in to reheat some food a second time, because Carla Johnson was taking too long.

Now I am inside the house, and a few seconds after I enter the house, and unknown by me, a shooting is going down about 70 yards up Highland Street on the 700 Block. I did not hear the shots, what got me outside again was that I glanced out my front window and saw a car driving by that I recognized as belonging to Carla Johnson. I rushed out the front door with the intent of catching up to car at the stop sign on Highland and Detroit, the 600 Block of Highland. (Just a few houses from my house.) But as soon as my feet hit the sidewalk, my next door neighbor Tajuana Grant yelled at me “Stop Montrel”, I stopped and turned to look at her and she said don’t go down there, those guys were just shooting it’s not safe, and look someone laying on the ground down there. When I turned back to look, I did see commotion, I saw a body lying on the ground, a lady yell which was Jean Dyer, cars driving away, people running. I remember seeing a person I recognize running into the 3200 alley seconds after the shots were fired and I saw a tall person run North, into the 3300 alley after the shots were fired. I saw all of this while standing on the 600 Block of Highland and Detroit near the corner. Remember, Tajuana Grant was in front of her house when the shots were fired, her police statement say she heard 4 shots fired, looked up and observed a victim laying on the ground.

At this time Tajuana Grant’s sister Tameka Grant has joined us on the sidewalk. She had been walking up to the Grant residence after parking her car a few houses away. As Tameka was approaching her house the shooting unfolded. Remember, Tajuana Grant was already standing in front of her house on the 600 Block of Highland at 630 Highland on the sidewalk when the shooting went down on the 700 Block of Highland. Both sisters saw me run out of my house at 632 Highland (running out to catch up with Carla Johnson’s car at the stop sign on Highland and Detroit, the 600 Block), just seconds after the shots were fired. Tajuana Grant’s statement to the police at the scene confirms what you have just read. The police statements are posted.

Please keep this in mind when I go into greater detail with the witnesses. When Carla Johnson drove by, there was another lady in the car with her, a woman named Jean Dyer. The state used these two women to help destroy me. My point now is this, I am standing in front of 630 Highland and with Tajuana and Tameka Grant and we are looking west on Highland Street, towards the crime scene on the 700 Block of Highland Street. So now the car holding Carla Johnson and Jean Dyer are in front of us just now rolling though the Highland and Detroit intersection, after stopping at the stop sign, about 40 to 60 feet in front of where Montrel Wilson, Tajuana and Tameka Grant were standing. Which was on the sidewalk standing in front of their house at 632 Highland.

What is crucial to remember is that during the suppression court hearing, both women in that car, Carla Johnson and Jean Dyer, each one testified on the witness stand and on the record, that before they rolled through the Highland and Detroit intersection towards the scene of the shooting, they both looked back behind them. A possible reason for them to have both looked back maybe they heard Tajuana Grant yell at me to stop, when I came back outside and attempted to catch Carla Johnson’s car at the stop sign on the 600 Block of Highland and Detroit. At the corner, Carla Johnson and Jean Dyer testified and said, (exact words) we looked back and saw Rose’s daughters Tajuana and Tameka Grant and a male standing in front of the Grant’s residence at 630 Highland as they crossed Detroit from the 600 Block of Highland to the 700 Block of Highland. The male they saw standing with Tajuana and Tameka Grant was Montrel Wilson. No other male was standing on the sidewalk at 630-632 Highland with Tajuana and Tameka Grant, except Montrel Wilson. Seconds after the shots were fired and as Carla Johnson and Jean Dyer’s car crossed Detroit Ave, from the 600 Block of Highland to the 700 Block Highland at that specific time.

I have concrete evidence that proves what you just read. The truth has finally been revealed.

Back to the story, the victim lay on the ground a long time before “official” help arrived. (20 to 25 minutes at least), despite the fact that the first 911 call came from an eyewitness who witnessed the shooting as the victim was being shot and chased in real live time in real life!

Remember, that I said the victim died less than a block from his half-brother’s house. Within minutes the victim’s half-brother came onto the scene. While the victim’s half-brother was kneeling down holding his half-brother’s head in his lap, before official help arrive people, witnesses started gathering around the victim on the ground and his half-brother, who was holding his head up in his lap. All of the eventual witnesses, Montrel Wilson, Tajuana Grant, Mrs. Waneta-Udell, Lavetta Fisher, Christopher Anderson, Jean Dyer, Carla Johnson and other witnesses were gathering around the victim and his half-brother. We started to discuss all that we had seen and heard.

As the police began to arrive, I walked back to my house, eyewitnesses said they will give statements to the police. You see, I had 15 warrants, a 1-year probation violation and a 6-month sentence to serve for driving without a license. All charges were misdemeanor charges, no felony charges, and I did not want to go to jail for 18 months.

The next day, detectives were going door to door in the neighborhood in an effort to get information. As they were talking to witnesses my name came up as being a potential witness and the detectives came to my house to interview me. I was not home, and they left a card for me with a message for me to call them. I did so and I told the detectives the truth. That I did not actually see the shooting, I saw the aftermath. I told the detectives that I cannot come in to give a statement, because I knew I would be arrested on the active 15 warrants and the probation violation.

Due to the slow official response to the crime, the witnesses had time to gather and talk. Because of that I knew who the police and detectives needed to speak with. I gave them Mr. Waneta and Paul Udell, the first 911 callers and witnessed the actual shooting as the victim was being shot. Lavetta Fisher, Tajuana and Tameka Grant and Christopher Anderson are all witnesses.

See, I was cooperating to the best of my ability. I was trying not to get arrested on the warrants and that is why I gave the witnesses names. The Udell’s were first of the 911 callers, while the shooting was actually happening in real lifetime. The second 911 call to the police dispatcher came from the victim’s half-brother’s house, made by Jean Dyer. The third 911 call came from Tajuana Grant’s house, the fourth 911 call came from the pay phone at Highland and Detroit, made by Jean Dyer after 3 calls were already made. My thought process was that if I were as helpful as I could be under the circumstances, “maybe” the police would not go out of their way to arrest me for the warrants. I was not worried about getting arrested for the murder, because I did not do it, and from what I heard through all the eyewitnesses and what I saw, the killer/shooter was a “tall man”. I never considered they would pin the murder on me.

From April 16th to April 25th, 1998, I just tried to avoid the detectives, which is not easy because they are in the neighborhood every day. I did not realize that they were building a case against me. I just knew that the detectives were hearing “false rumors” that I might know who did it. They were hearing other false rumors that I was on the 700 Block when the shooting took place. The reason they were hearing that is because after the shooting, when witnesses (and myself) gathered around the victim and his half-brother, I was seen in that group on the 700 Block at that time. What they did not know is that I did not get to the 700 Block until after the shooting and after the suspect(s) fled the scene and after the victim’s half-brother got to the scene.

This is the ironic truth. Had I not of had the warrants, I would have stayed at the scene and talked to the detectives and police. I would not have had to avoid the detectives. I believe that I am in prison now, wrongfully convicted of murder, because those warrants made me afraid to cooperate with the police. The warrants made me avoid the police and to them I was avoiding them because they thought I was the shooter. The tall shooter that is! It was a horrible catch 22 type of situation.

On April 25th, 1998 I was arrested for the murder. After my arrest consent was given for a search of my niece’s house. A handgun was found, before testing was even done on the gun (in fact, on the same day), the police went around the neighborhood telling everyone lies. “We got the murder weapon out of Wilson’s house”. Now for the record, both state and the defense ballistic experts could only say that some similarities existed. There is “no clear cut match”, the reason why no match was found is because the gun they pulled out of my house is not the murder weapon and I know that because I am not the murderer. Also, the defense ballistic experts testified that the test bullets can’t be identified or matched to the evidence bullets and they gun pulled out of my house could not be the murder weapon. The defense ballistic expert report and photos are available upon request.