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The three videotaped deposition court hearing DVDs and audio interview CD, from my private investigator of an eyewitness who was close to the scene, heard the shots fired, and walked past the Tall suspect (It is very important for you to not forget it for a second of this story. I am NOT A TALL MAN. I stand only 5 foot 4 inches) that was walking fast with a black hooded sweatshirt on seconds after hearing the shots. This crucial information was hidden from myself and my attorneys, no need to wonder why. Keep this in mind, this eyewitness told the police and detectives that Montrel Wilson was not the tall man in the alley who walked very fast past me seconds after the shots were fired!

Winning is the driving force and motivation for prosecutors. Truth and justice take a back seat to job promotions, bonuses, political and personal gain to become elite officers of the judicial system.

Montrel Wilson

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