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Another Story of an Innocent Man

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It is very important for you to digest one fact right now and do not forget it for a second of this story. I am NOT A TALL MAN. I stand only 5 foot 4 inches. (To aid you in the understanding of this case I have attached an area map of the crime scene.)

I am in fact innocent, there are in fact two victims of this crime. One living, one dead, I am the living victim. The crimes against me are ongoing. I am innocent yet I have been destroyed.

Crime Scene

Crime Scene - Supporting DocumentsDownload


Click here to access the document of my 2000 appeal.

The State of Ohio is my enemy. My enemy has unlimited resources to draw upon to destroy me. My enemy does not care that it destroyed the wrong man. My enemy only wants to sustain this conviction and justice be damned.

Montrel Wilson

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